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Getting Started with ShipSaver
Can I buy labels for shipments from other marketplaces?
Combine Orders & Purchase Label
ShipSaver Account Navigation
Billing & Payment Options
Managing Marketplaces & Sales Channels
Purchasing Insurance - Without ShipSaver Label
Purchasing Insurance - With ShipSaver Label
How to Import Missing Orders or Shipments
How to Cancel/Void Insurance
What is Auto-Insure? - and how do I get my 5% discount?
Claims - How to Create a Claim

FAQ - Shipping Insurance

Is tracking required to purchase insurance?
Are there any countries or products that are excluded?
How can I check the status of my claim?
Does ShipSaver send my shipping expenses to my eBay account?
Can I buy insurance for shipments from other marketplaces or private sales?
What items are excluded from the insurance coverage?
What is Auto-Insure? - and how do I get my 5% discount?
What happens after a claim is paid but the shipment eventually arrives?
Who needs to sign the claims statement/affidavit?
Should I refund the buyer when they tell me their shipment is lost or damaged?
Who files the claim, buyer or seller?
Who receives the claim payment?
Why should I use ShipSaver Insurance?
When should I add insurance to my items?
How many days do I have to file a claim?
What if I live outside the US?
Can I insure items shipped from other countries?
Can I insure a laptop, LCD, TV, mobile phone or tablet?
Can I insure USPS International First Class shipments?
How do I charge my buyers for insurance?
Can I cancel insurance?
Can I insure my shipping and handling costs?

FAQ - Other

Auto-Insurance Disclaimer
Accessing ShipSaver payment records for my taxes
I'm missing some of my sales. Where are they?